‘The future of dental business’: A dentist who won’t accept cash

A dental business trainer in the US state of Pennsylvania has taken to social media to denounce the practice of paying people to work as a dentist, after he was told he could no longer accept cash.

Jason Johnson said he was approached by a dentist in July who told him he could not accept cash in the dental office.

“He said if I wanted to use the dental clinic for my business I would need to pay him,” he told the BBC.

“So, we were told that he had to be patient, and that’s when I said I’m not going to accept cash.”

He said he had also received several emails from people who said they had lost dental work because of this practice.

“I’m really angry,” he said.

“Because we’re doing a lot of people’s jobs, we’re not getting paid as well as we can, we can’t take vacations, we have to do all of these things.”

He decided to take action after he learned about the practice, and told his family.

He also told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he plans to continue to work to try and stop this practice in the future.

“We’re not going anywhere, we need to be vigilant and take action,” he wrote.

Mr Johnson, who said he works as a dental hygienist, said he has received death threats for speaking out against the practice.

But the business trainer also said he felt compelled to speak out after hearing of a number of other incidents in the state.

“The state of PA is the worst place I’ve ever been in my life,” he added.

“They’re so bad that they need to send people out to the state of Colorado to do this.”