European Union approves controversial training bill, says it would increase competitiveness

The European Union has approved a controversial training legislation that would allow companies to create jobs in the EU by offering the same training to their employees as in the United States.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive, said it has decided to allow the creation of specialized training programs for companies and other sectors.

The legislation would allow for the creation and operation of such training centers in Europe, the commission said.

The EU has long sought to attract foreign businesses by allowing them to create more than 1,000 jobs and creating a pool of skilled workers.

The EU also allows companies to hire foreign workers and to train their employees in the countries where they do business.

The legislation would provide for the establishment of specialized, high-skill training programs.

The creation of such programs would not only benefit workers but also boost the economies of the 28 member states, the Commission said.

The countries of the EU would benefit from the creation, while European Union businesses would also benefit from improved competition, the agency said.