How to train your business system to survive cyber attack

A new training guide for businesses is on the market.

Read moreThe training is aimed at the business systems industry.

“It’s not just for the people who have systems, but also for the managers, the IT departments and those who do things for the clients,” said Simon Pomeroy, CEO of Digital Solutions.

“If we want to be resilient to cyber attacks, then we need to have a plan for how we will respond to that.”

Mr Pomeroyle says he believes it’s important for business systems professionals to understand how to defend themselves from cyber attacks and how to adapt their systems.

“What we’ve seen in recent years, in the cyber world is a lot of organisations have been taking on a lot more risk and being less agile, and so they have less capacity,” he said.

“So they’re less resilient.”

You need to be able to react fast, to be very agile and to adapt and adapt quickly to what’s coming.

“Digital Solutions says the training includes a “deep dive into cyber security” that will provide insight on how to keep your systems secure, manage them, and manage your business.”

We’re also going to be working with our IT department to really look at what the impact is of the cyber attack on the business and what are the things we can do to protect ourselves,” he explained.”

And then how do we prepare for it and to respond to it and make sure we can make sure that our systems are not at risk?

“He also said the training will be free for customers.”

The goal is to get more people in business systems, and also to give them a deeper understanding of what the threats are,” he says.”

Whether they’re cyber threats or other types of threat.

“When people get into the business system world, they may be thinking about business applications or services, but they may not necessarily think about cyber threat.

And that’s why the training is so important.”

The training will also cover the basics of IT security and how best to protect your network.

Digital Solutions will be providing a free download to anyone who signs up.