A business training company says it will hire more than 150 new workers as it expands in North Carolina

WATERSVILLE, N.C. (AP) A business learning company that was once one of the most recognizable names in North America has been forced to shut its doors after it failed to secure enough staff for the coming season.

A North Carolina Department of Labor and Industries spokesman said Thursday that the training firm will be hiring at least 150 new employees in 2018.

The company, Global Skills, began recruiting in 2015, and it is one of two companies with the job of training employers for job vacancies in North Carolinians’ fields.

It offers more than 60,000 courses nationwide, including a business training class.

“The company has experienced a decline in business activity and the majority of its workers have moved to other industries,” said spokesman Kevin Foye.

The business has also been losing jobs to companies that are now offering similar courses.

Foye said the company has been “doing everything it can to make up for lost time” and added that the company will seek new employment for employees.

The company has also begun expanding its training program to include apprentices.

The North Carolina Labor Department said Thursday the company had been hiring about 200 people a month and had about 10,000 vacancies.

Foyes said the new hires would help fill the gap.

The state of North Carolina is in a hiring freeze for several weeks, and Foyse said he did not have any information on whether those layoffs would affect the company’s hiring.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.