How to get your own copy of ‘Lose Yourself’ on Spotify by writing an e-mail and paying for it

You know that e-mails you get from a random person you meet in a pub?

Well, it can happen.

It happens to everyone.

But if you want to be able to get an actual copy of the song that’s been produced by the band, you need to pay for it.

Here’s how.


Send a thank you e-card from a friend 2.

Ask for a fee, or if you’re feeling desperate, just tell the recipient that you’re writing a song and asking them to pay you a fee for it 3.

Once you’ve sent the e-cards, tell your friend to send you the invoice, and let them know you’re not buying the song, they have to send a check to you.


Pay for the song by sending a check or credit card 5.

Then, after you’ve received the check, you’ll need to send the band the invoice so they can claim the money you paid for the music.


If the band can’t send the money, you have to let them in on the secret to making money from the song.


If they’re still not paying, you can get a refund from Spotify, and the band is responsible for the remaining balance.


There are some ways you can help.


Contact the band and let him know you want them to take back the money they paid for their music.


Contact them directly to let the band know you have the money.


Get in touch with the record label and let the label know they need the money back.


Write an email to the band directly.


Write to your local MPAA.


Post an open letter to Spotify asking them for their payment of the music they produced.


Write a blog post about the song on your website.


You’re now on Spotify.