How to Make Your Company a Top Pick for a Top-Rated CEO

In 2017, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was named “Most Valuable CEO” by Forbes.

In 2018,, Inc. became the first American company to win the title of “Most Innovative” in the world, beating out Apple Inc. by a wide margin.

But Bezos, whose company is valued at $65.9 billion, is not the only Amazon CEO with a great deal of influence over the company’s future. 

In 2018, we interviewed dozens of executives from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber and many others about their companies and their views on how to make their companies the best in the industry.

Our goal: To get you up-to-date on the latest in the company and its leaders.

Today, we look at the top leaders at Amazon and their roles in shaping the future of the company.


Jeff Bezos The Amazon CEO is a master at making his company stand out from the competition.

In his first year as Amazon CEO, Bezos took the company public at a time when the world was in a very different place.

Amazon had a few challenges to overcome before it could achieve success, but Bezos had his sights set on building a company that was more than just a logistics hub. 

Bezos, who has been Amazon for more than 20 years, has been an outspoken advocate of diversity in the workplace, and the company has done a good job of diversifying its workforce.

The company has hired a majority of women to fill key roles, and has also made strides in recruiting and hiring more diverse talent. 

Despite the challenges facing the company, Bezos has managed to transform the company into a company with a huge and growing customer base, and a loyal following.

Bezos has done this by taking the company on many different paths to success.

He has made Amazon a technology leader, a digital media powerhouse, and an information company that helps businesses connect and communicate.

Amazon also has a long-term vision that is rooted in Bezos’ love for the world and his desire to be part of a bigger picture. 

At the same time, Bezos’ approach to leadership is not just focused on winning the Amazon business.

He is also very passionate about the future and has been clear that he wants the company to become a leader in the delivery of innovation.

Bezos, who took the helm at Amazon in 2015, has shown an incredible ability to transform Amazon into a leader on the world stage, and his accomplishments are well worth celebrating.

He recently told the Washington Post, “The next 10 years will be a period of change for the internet.

It is going to be the most disruptive period in history.

We will be the leader in making sure that we make the most of what technology can do.” 

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Mike Novogratz On the heels of Bezos’ success, Novograntz took the reins at Microsoft and made a lot of changes.

The former CEO was a passionate advocate for diversity in his company, and he has been the target of a lot more criticism for it than Bezos. 

When he took the job at Microsoft in 2015 from Steve Ballmer, Novowratz was criticized for having a more conservative approach to diversity.

He did not support a policy of diversity hiring at Microsoft, which he said had a “negative impact on the company.”

In 2018 and 2019, Novotz and his top employees made significant strides in creating a diverse workforce.

He made significant changes to Microsoft’s culture and practices.

Novogranz led Microsoft into a world of social media and social impact, and this continued into the future.

Novowrts new hires included several women, including Kate Bolte, who is now Microsoft’s vice president of global diversity and inclusion. 

Microsoft has also improved the hiring process and has become more inclusive of people from minority groups.

Microsoft also launched an app that allows employees to use a digital assistant to ask questions about their company, like “What is my salary?” or “How much does my boss make?” 

For the first time in Microsoft’s history, female employees are making up a majority at the companywide executive level. 

After more than a decade in charge, Novos experience with diversity is far from over. 


Tom Preston-Werner It is no secret that Microsoft is one of the most important companies in the technology industry, and one of its top leaders is a man.

In 2016, Preston-Warner became the CEO of the world’s largest software company.

In 2019, Preston was named the CEO for the fourth time, and in 2018, he was named to the company of the year.

He was the first person to serve as the CEO at Microsoft since Microsoft’s founding in 1997. 

Preston-Warning is also a huge proponent of diversity and is committed to creating a company culture that is inclusive and welcoming to people of