Business IT training courses are set to increase from a ‘one-off’ option to a mandatory requirement

Business IT Training Courses are set for an increase from ‘one off’ to mandatory, according to a report.

The Business IT Professional Association (BITPA) said it had spoken to more than 300 business training providers and training providers in the past 24 hours.BITSA chief executive Tim McGovern said the association was concerned that many training providers had not been trained to address the increased demand for training for businesses and would not have enough trained professionals to meet the demands.

“Business IT training is the future,” he said.

“It is a very important sector and one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, so it is important that the training providers have a high standard of training to meet these growing demand.”

The new requirement will be mandatory for all business training in all levels from business owners to service providers.

“That means business IT training will no longer be a one-off,” Mr McGovern told,au.

“This is not an isolated case.

It is happening across the industry.”

He said that, in some instances, business training could be a mandatory component of business training.

“In some industries, training for business IT will be compulsory as part of the training provided by the business.”BITTA chief executive Andrew Fauchamp said the industry needed training to address its increasing business security demands.

He said the increased need for business training was due to increased awareness and awareness of the increased security threats.

“As businesses become more and more aware of security issues, the more they need business IT,” he told news,au, referring to business systems.

“I think it is also a reflection of the fact that security is an ever-evolving business environment.”

Mr Fauchard said businesses needed to understand the increasing security risks that they faced.

“So there is always going to be a concern in the industry as we go forward about security, particularly with the rise of IoT devices, and there is a concern that business security is becoming more and less a requirement,” he added.

Mr Faucchamp acknowledged the industry was facing a high-tech economy, but he said there were opportunities for training in the security field.

“There are opportunities in the training industry that have been around for quite a while, that can provide an avenue for businesses to train and have a secure workplace,” he explained.


There are lots of opportunities in this sector and I think it’s just the right time to get on board and support this sector.”