Why the best course in English business training doesn’t include English lessons

Business training in England can be intimidating, and English is often not the first language taught in business.

So how do you prepare for a new job, a change of job, or even a job change yourself?

Here are five ways to improve your English business skills.


Get to grips with the lingo You can learn how to speak English in just three weeks.

Learn to read and write English, as well as how to navigate business and legal processes.


Build a vocabulary of your own There’s no shortage of useful vocabulary online.

But how do we build one ourselves?

The answer is not just to ask someone else to explain it to you, it’s to learn it from scratch.

Learn from others and see what you can learn.


Start writing your own business stories Start by creating a list of business problems that you need to solve, then write them down and look for ways to resolve them.

Make notes on them so you don’t forget anything.


Start your own job search A good way to start is to set up an online job search.

This will get you started by building a list that contains your relevant skills and interests.


Start speaking English for yourself When it comes to speaking English to yourself, learn how you can speak it fluently and confidently.

If you don, you’ll be a big step behind your colleagues.