How to turn a profit from a restaurant business

Business owners and restaurateurs say there’s no escaping the fact that the best way to turn your dreams into a profitable business is by investing in the right training.“It’s really easy to say that you can do this without going to a restaurant, but it’s not so easy,” said Jason […]

US-Pakistan relations: How the US is trying to fix things

The US has repeatedly blamed Pakistan for failing to address the challenges of terrorism, but its new military training program for Pakistan is designed to address those concerns. The U.S. has been training Pakistan’s elite military in the past several years, a move that has alarmed the Pakistani military.The new program, […]

What’s next for crypto currencies?

By Tom Cogan The cryptocurrency space is still in a bit of a state of flux.With a new generation of companies taking advantage of blockchain technology, the landscape is being reshaped by the emergence of new companies.And while many of the companies in the space are focusing on developing new […]

How to train your new business: Business Success Training

The business success training you’ve been waiting for.The Business Success Trainer (BST) course is now available for download on’s an eight-week training program that focuses on building a strong business and growing your business in the future.The course is designed for anyone who is interested in taking on a […]

How to train a business in 3 steps

Businesses need to be able to understand the value of their business.The first step to getting this right is to understand what you are looking for.It’s not always clear what value you want to get, and even less clear what is necessary for success.There are many business concepts that are […]

How to create a business culture training video

Business training videos are a must have for anyone who wants to succeed in the business world.The business training videos can be helpful for the new business owner or a business owner who is learning how to run a business.Here are some tips for creating a business training video that […]


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